5 Asteroids closely fly past Earth between Friday and Monday. you should need to know

These Asteroid are not on their way to strike Earth’s surface, as per NASA

Here are the details of 5 Asteroid That flying past our planet.

Asteroid NEO 2022 QP4

This 40 feet asteroid will be crossing the Earth at a close proximity on August 26, Friday.

Asteroid NEO 2022 QQ4:

This space rock size almost an airplane – but it has been keeping a good distance from Earth.

Asteroid NEO 2022 QP3

This Sunday,28th August this asteroid will cross us from a distance of 5.51 million kilometres.

Asteroid 2022 QX4:

This Asteroid cross our planet on August 29, Monday. QX4 is the biggest at 140 feet in diameter.

Asteroid 2017 BU:

It will be flying past on Monday by Earth at a distance of over 6.5 million kilometres.