Download IPL Schedule 2023: Start Date timetable, download ipl Timetable in PDF


Download IPL Schedule 2023 Download IPL Schedule 2023 PDF

Name of the Team Name of Team Match Date Match Time Stadium
GT CSK 31-March-2023 19:30 Ahmedabad
PBKS KKR 01-April-2023 15:30 Mohali
LSG DC 01-April-2023 19:30 Lucknow
SRH RR 02-April-2023 15:30 Hyderabad
RCB MI 02-April-2023 19:30 Bengaluru
CSK LSG 03-April-2023 19:30 Chennai
DC GT 04-April-2023 19:30 Delhi
RR PBKS 05-April-2023 19:30 Guwahati
KKR RCB 06-April-2023 19:30 Kolkata
LSG SRH 07-April-2023 19:30 Lucknow
RR DC 08-April-2023 15:30 Guwahati
MI CSK 08-April-2023 19:30 Mumbai
GT KKR 09-April-2023 15:30 Ahmedabad
SRH PBKS 09-April-2023 19:30 Hyderabad
RCB LSG 10-April-2023 19:30 Bengaluru
DC MI 11-April-2023 19:30 Delhi
CSK RR 12-April-2023 19:30 Chennai
PBKS GT 13-April-2023 19:30 Mohali
KKR SRH 14-April-2023 19:30 Kolkata
RCB DC 15-April-2023 15:30 Bengaluru
LSG PBKS 15-April-2023 19:30 Lucknow
MI KKR 16-April-2023 15:30 Mumbai
GT RR 16-April-2023 19:30 Ahmedabad
RCB CSK 17-April-2023 19:30 Bengaluru
SRH MI 18-April-2023 19:30 Hyderabad
RR LSG 19-April-2023 19:30 Jaipur
PBKS RCB 20-April-2023 15:30 Mohali
DC KKR 20-April-2023 19:30 Delhi
CSK SRH 21-April-2023 19:30 Chennai
LSG GT 22-April-2023 15:30 Lucknow
MI PBKS 22-April-2023 19:30 Mumbai
RCB RR 23-April-2023 15:30 Bengaluru
KKR CSK 23-April-2023 19:30 Kolkata
SRH DC 24-April-2023 19:30 Hyderabad
GT MI 25-April-2023 19:30 Ahmedabad
RCB KKR 26-April-2023 19:30 Bengaluru
RR CSK 27-April-2023 19:30 Jaipur
PBKS LSG 28-April-2023 19:30 Mohali
KKR GT 29-April-2023 15:30 Kolkata
DC SRH 29-April-2023 19:30 Delhi
CSK PBKS 30-April-2023 15:30 Chennai
MI RR 30-April-2023 19:30 Mumbai
LSG RCB 01-May-2023 19:30 Lucknow
GT DC 02-May-2023 19:30 Ahmedabad
PBKS MI 03-May-2023 19:30 Mohali
LSG CSK 04-May-2023 15:30 Lucknow
SRH KKR 04-May-2023 19:30 Hyderabad
RR GT 05-May-2023 19:30 Jaipur
CSK MI 06-May-2023 15:30 Chennai
DC RCB 06-May-2023 19:30 Delhi
GT LSG 07-May-2023 15:30 Ahmedabad
RR SRH 07-May-2023 19:30 Jaipur
KKR PBKS 08-May-2023 19:30 Kolkata
MI RCB 09-May-2023 19:30 Mumbai
CSK DC 10-May-2023 19:30 Chennai
KKR RR 11-May-2023 19:30 Kolkata
MI GT 12-May-2023 19:30 Mumbai
SRH LSG 13-May-2023 15:30 Hyderabad
DC PBKS 13-May-2023 19:30 Delhi
RR RCB 14-May-2023 15:30 Jaipur
CSK KKR 14-May-2023 19:30 Chennai
GT SRH 15-May-2023 19:30 Ahmedabad
LSG MI 16-May-2023 19:30 Lucknow
PBKS RR 17-May-2023 19:30 Dharamshala
SRH CSK 18-May-2023 19:30 Hyderabad
PBKS LSG 19-May-2023 19:30 Dharamshala
DC SRH 20-May-2023 15:30 Delhi
KKR GT 20-May-2023 19:30 Kolkata
MI SRH 21-May-2023 15:30 Mumbai
RCB GT 21-May-2023 19:30 Bengaluru

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